Internet vs speed dating

Still, the ability to register for free, and browse at the comfort of your own home makes online dating very much worthwhile.Online speed dating has taken an age-old practice of meeting people in five-minute mini-dates and turned it into an online sensation.Hopefully these include recent candid shots of the person you are about to date.On occasion for some ridiculous reason they will include pictures of their car, dog, boat, sunset, etc…Not only does have one of the quickest and most thorough signup processes of any dating site (a couple of minutes to answer important questions like “Do you want to have kids?

Nothing gets you down more than finding the love of your life, only to find that the profile has been inactive for months.

However, it’s a movie, and, at the end of the day, we’d say that speed dating should definitely be in your dating tool belt.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 free sites where you can speed date and find speed dating events near you — as well as five online speed dating games where you can hone your skills from the comfort of your home.

The advantage of speed dating is that you see your partner face to face, so there are no surprises, or tricky profile pictures.

Seeing someone in person, and hearing his or her voice makes it easier to decide whether you want to get to know the person better.

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