Important questions before dating

If you’re a Christian single, here are 8 questions you need to ask before dating.Wouldn’t you like to side-step months of disappointing dating experience and just meet God’s best for you?

) you will end up marrying, licensed clinical psychologist, author, and e Harmony dating expert Seth Meyers, Ph.

When you’re getting close to getting married, he says you can then ask more specific questions, such as how much time—weekends, holidays, vacations…—you are expected to spend with them. Meyers says should become more specific the longer you are together.

Otherwise, there may be confusion—and frustrations—later. “It’s not enough just to ask someone if they are religious, because that can mean different things to different people,” he says.

to eat at the reception, remembering cute flats for when you can’t bear your heels anymore…there are a lot of potential anxiety triggers.

But hopefully, wondering if the person at the other end of the aisle is truly right for you isn’t one of them.

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