How much does online dating cost

This is a great loophole if you want to fully use e Harmony when they don’t have a free trial promotion and you don’t want to pay right off the bat.

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When you sign up for eharmony, you’re automatically given a free account.

e Harmony free trials aren’t permanent – this means they come and go.

You may be able to find free trials throughout the year – around the holidays or Valentine’s Day, for example – but there isn’t a free trial that sticks around all the time.

Not all of their free trials will be for a month, like most other sites offer.

Most of the time, e Harmony gives a free week or few days when you sign up on a certain weekend. Since it’s free to sign up for the website, you can sign up and complete the profile questionnaire. Once you’ve signed up and “paid” for a plan, you’ll have three days to cancel your membership for a full refund.

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