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Restaurants be crowded as all get out on Valentines.

Luckily, Abeselom’s life takes a positive turn when he discovers true intimacy and deep affection after starting a relationship with a beautiful woman named Nesanet.

I have been talking to a girl since November, lets call her Jane.

So since November Jane and I have talked/communicated almost every day.

I know it's just another day and a manufactured holiday and what not...

but being alone when I am supposed to be dating this girl well sucks.

We have talked and shared a lot of things together... She suggested we do something on another day when I asked her. Also when I mentioned her being flaky about plans before it involved the same friend so I didn't like the pattern maybe seeing...

Since then we went on more dates, and spent more time together.She lives about an hour away from me so that's how we stay in contact.Even though she lives around an hour away it's really easy to get there and I don't think it's a huge deal.Still you probably right and I am being way too sensitive (she doesn't know it though I learned not to open my mouth before getting a good night sleep a long time ago...)How do I figure out if she wants to be my girlfriend without bringing it up in a way that makes her uncomfortable or makes me look "weak" as you say... This is my first real adult relationship after years of being in a bad place. I am not saying that would happen, but thinking about things in that positive way is something I need to practice. I don't think she's trying to burn you on this.So I don't want to mess it up, but at same time don't want to get walked over...(Sorry for rambling...probably doesn't help I have the flu since Saturday...)That's a really good idea with #1. Plus I mentioned before that it can be a good thing because all of the V-Day stuff is going to be at major clearance prices.. Just get her some flowers, cute card and offer to take her out to a nice dinner another night.

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