Harry potter dating quizzes

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There are numerous ways (good and not so good) to deal with bullies, but which of these four responses sounds most like how you would handle the situation? While writing for the Daily Prophet, journalist (if she can really be called that) Rita Skeeter loved to twist stories, spread rumors, misreport happenings and flat-out lie, which was wrong and harmful and frowned upon, to say the least.

They are terribly frightening, but at times, they are necessary. Whatever the preferred thing to wear to this type of thing is? Okay, you are finally dressed, looking amazing and ready to go.

If you were fighting in these battles, how do you think you would be as a fighter? Or will you let your partner have what he/she wants? You meet up with your date, and now, you two must enter the beautifully decorated ballroom and pretty much present yourselves to a huge crowd of people that is waiting and watching. Just as there are a lot of wonderful, amazing, brilliant, kind, powerful witches and wizards, there are also magical people who are rude, evil, hateful, dumb and just all-around awful.

Out of the four characters who are listed here, though (three Weasley children, along with another student from Hogwarts), which one do you find the most attractive, overall, if you had to pick? It is time to gather yourself, bid farewell to your date and head back to your room.

At some point amidst all of the fun, you and your date are going to have to grab a bite to eat. Do you keep imaging it all, though, and replaying the best moments, anxiously awaiting the next Yule Ball? This is the last question - the last way to gather information about you, your time at Hogwarts, your opinions/thoughts/likes and your dream night at a Yule Ball. You enjoyed either dancing or food or hanging out with friends or all of it.

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