Guy and girl best friends dating

We love each other’s company, but we could never think of each other romantically because it’s just too weird.Now we’re 19 and in our own relationships, but he’s always there.He’s also a part of my family because he probably talks to my mum more than I do.Sometimes he shows up to dinner without me knowing!They are jealous of you, cause they aren't close to people they only have enemies, if they do have friends then i bet they don't deserve them.The age-old saying goes, “A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they’ll fall for each other.” Sometimes, one party develops feelings for the other but refuses to say a word because he/she doesn’t wish to “ruin” the friendship. Now that we’re back in Singapore, we’re closer than ever.We shared our first cigarette at the airport, but we didn’t know how to smoke properly so we ended up being comic relief for a group of Indonesian tourists.

And if you hang with him a lot and people are convinced you are dating, my advice: IGNOR THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THOSE THINGS!

He’s also used to my period-induced whines and snarky comments when I don’t approve of the girl he’s wooing.

Maybe we’re not each other’s type because we know too much dirt about each other!

Even though he’s boyfriend material, I’d never date him because there’s never that spark between us. When I got my license, he taught me how to drive and park in the multi-storey car park.

He also taught me how to play the guitar and gave me one of his two guitars.

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