Groupbox validating event

It’ll cost no time if I commented the value changing code.

In Win Forms I could handle the Validated event to do something after the user changed text in a Text Box. 'Without it, Cell Value Changed event occurs until the Check Box cell lose focus 'which means the header Check Box won't display corresponding checked state instantly when user 'clicks any one of the Check Boxes. Click, Address Of Header Check Box_Click 'When any Check Box value in the Data Grid View Rows changed, 'check/uncheck the header Check Box accordingly. Cell Value Changed, Address Of Data Grid View_Cell Checked 'This event handler is necessary to commit new Check Box cell value right after 'user clicks the Check Box. After looking up the MSDN post, the property Auto Size Columns Mode is the reason why my Data Grid View being slow. Read the rest of this entry » I have an about 100 rows Data Grid View which drops performance significantly since I wrote some code modifying its cells value programmatically.

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