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The ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs were one of the writing systems but the writing systems of Africa refer to the current and historical practice of writing systems on the African continent, both indigenous and those introduced.There are writings systems of Africa that are very well known and some that aren't.Nevertheless, relationships remain extremely close. The social life of most Greeks deeply involves their relatives and the extended family plays a strong role in one’s life. Being a culture, a person’s family name and background influences perceptions of an individual’s reputation, status and honour.There is often a social pressure to present one’s family name in a good light.Contrary to views held some decades ago, however, the late Roman law, and with it west European legal doctrine, did not undergo any notable degree of Hellenization.Only in the customs of isolated places in Greece itself do some ancient traditions seem to survive; their extent is still a problem for legal historians.If one of them refused to accept the award or if the matter was not subject to compulsory arbitration, the case was referred to a dicastery presided over by the magistrate.The dicasts, after listening to the arguments and evidence submitted by the parties, found their decision, which could only be a choice between the two proposals made by the parties, by secret ballot without debate.

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Nor, for that matter, did the philosophers care for the law as it was, their aim being the discovery of abstract standards of justice.positivism.They were invented because the ancient Romans needed a counting system.The Greeks and the Romans lived in parallel worlds before they mixed cultures, and they both came up with their own numbering systems. Technical writing refers to a type of writing where the author outlines the details and operations of administrative, technical, mechanical, or scientific systems.Their judgment was final between the parties, but the loser might bring a private tort action (In distinct contrast with the Greek philosophy of justice, the positive law of ancient Greece had little influence on later developments.Its concepts and methods did, of course, widely determine the legislation and practice of Hellenistic monarchies, and a few institutions of Greek origin, such as the “Rhodian” maritime law of jettison or certain methods of documentation (mostly Hellenistic, to be sure), were adopted by the Romans.

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