Great expectation online dating

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Complaints to company were shunned with the response "you signed a contract" NOT 'how can we assist you better? I am making monthly payments on my Great Expectations account.

I have not used the account much as I have never met anyone from their program in the time I have had an account with them.

The lawsuit claims that the 1989 Act entitles every Great Expectations customer to cancel their contracts and seek restitution.

As he explains in the above video, Great Expectation Dating Services envisioned Great Expectations as a way for people to use available technology to connect and share information, then ultimately move their relationship offline.According to the company's website, there are still eight existing centers in four states - Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Texas. Great Expectation Dating Services network sued company and couldn't find anything apparent that she gorgeous.FOX6's hidden cameras showed that the company's sales pitch was more like an interrogation.Reluctantly attended high-pressure sales meeting..not allowed to leave until contract signed; could not view potential matches until signed contratct.NOTHING of what was promised was delivered after signing.

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