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The Chancellor’s Executive Team has approved changes to the University’s policies governing consensual sexual or romantic relationships between students and University employees—including all faculty and staff.The changes, which reflect suggestions voted on and approved by the University Senate, prohibit such relationships between employees and undergraduate students.

They want to be sure the school isn’t making it more difficult for people concerned about sexual harassment to address the problem.

In a statement, the organization also said that sexual relationships can later make the faculty member and the institution vulnerable to allegations of sexual harassment.

“Sexual relations between students and faculty members with whom they also have an academic or evaluative relationship are fraught with the potential for exploitation,” the AAUP said in a statement.

They included contextual prohibitions, she said; “Professors can’t have sex with graduate students if they are teaching or supervising or evaluating them in some way. It just made sense.” “Nobody said, ‘You’re treating me like a child, trampling on my civil rights, I’ll have sex with whomever I please.’ That would be the only argument against it – that it’s paternalistic,” Johnson said.

Graduate students can’t have sex with undergraduates if they are teaching them or grading them in some way. “I like to think of it not as telling students who they may not have sex with,” she added, “but telling faculty who they may not have sex with.” A student anti-sexual-assault advocacy group, Our Harvard Can Do Better, responded with a statement that the ban is “a crucial indictment of unacceptable unequal-status relationships that have the potential to endanger students.

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