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Edit: also all the cobra woods were pretty scarce, I got the last fairway wood in my local golf galaxy. Edit2: might be a dumb question, do I take off the sticker that is covering the Arccos sensor?I’m assuming I can trash the sticker and the sensor knows how to shut itself off.I have absolutely no business in buying a new driver but I couldn’t say no for a brand new 7 driver.Now just gotta figure out what I should do with my beat up m2.Exceptionally, the golf simulators won't be accessible from November 3rd to 6th. Activating your PGA Value Guide member account is absolutely FREE.

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Changing Product lines, discontinuing a brand or just want to clean things up? We will Price, Pay and Haul-away from your location. Liquidating can often be a challenge when there are multiple owners, bosses or corporations to deal with.

Top-of-list, Premium Positioning is also available to encourage more PGA Value Guide users to click and visit your authorized trade-in facility. Even private clubs who do not allow the public to traffic their facility will benefit from membership in the PGA Value Guide.

Like any other consumer, members of private golf clubs have choices on where they shop for golf equipment.

Golf Pros, is it your job to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of your Pro Shop?

Via online access from your computer or mobile device you can get pricing, Add/remove clubs and save your "cart" inventory anytime from anywhere. New for 2016 Use the “GET A Quote” feature to get custom pricing in minutes NOT days.

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