Gay german dating courtship or dating in itay

Here at Planet Romeo, we’re an international bunch. They can be very forward and straight to the point. After a first date, they’ll already ask you if you want to meet up again.In our two offices in Berlin and Amsterdam, we have guys from all over the world, giving us a glimpse into how gay men from different countries like to date. They like to know what to expect and whether there’s more to come – but I think that’s just the gay community in general.For me, a perfect date would not be the movies or a restaurant but actually going hiking or on a bike ride or doing a gym class together – something that’s not the regular stuff.We also love sports so if you could incorporate that within a date that would be good. In Israel we have no such thing as a topic we can’t laugh about. But seriousness is something that we don’t like because when we’re at work, we’re super serious, but when we’re on a date it’s the opposite.Dress casually – jeans are always a safe bet and you can’t go wrong with a nice jumper or shirt.British people aren’t always super romantic, so don’t come on too strong.

Most people say they like poetry and cinema but they rarely say they like to get fucked.Many Germans enjoy talking about work, but I’m unsure about politics – personally I like to talk politics with foreigners, but that depends on their knowledge of European politics and history.However many Germans don’t like talking politics so much.If you don’t come from the UK, impressing a Brit can be relatively easy – especially if you have a nice accent.Mediterranean, American and Australian guys in particular are very popular. We aren’t as loud or as outgoing as our European neighbours, so it can take a bit of time to get to know us.

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