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The man was rushed to an intensive care unit at the Pasteur Hospital in Nice, while his partner, a 28-year old Canadian suffered minor injuries. It is thought that the woman may have been cushioned by her lover in the fall.

An investigator said last night: “The couple were seen making love on the balcony of their holiday rental flat.“They were becoming very passionate indeed, and suddenly toppled into the street below.“Neighbours called the emergency services immediately.”Police have opened an investigation to establish whether alcohol or drugs may have been involved in the accident.

And Freddie Pring, 20, of Somerset, was died in similar circumstances in the same resort the same month.

The disturbing details are just excerpts from Epstein's sex-fueled lifestyle that has caught international attention from the past few months.

you MUST avoid THIS or face £500 fine“It happens every month in peak season.

Now if guests insist on a room they shouldn’t have we make them sign a disclaimer about the balcony.”He said the new rules also stipulated that balconies should not have gaps big enough for people to fit their feet in which would make it easier for them to climb over.

Since the news of Epstein's debauchery exploded in international media, MC2 denied any connection to the disgraced financier.

The company also added that Brunel is no longer a part of the firm.

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