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For /month, her mother-in-law has the 5Star Service, Urgent Care and the Great Call caregiver app.

Kruse and her husband remotely programmed the phone to her most frequent locations: church, the hair salon, choir practice and another son’s house.

It uses GPS technology so when Mom calls 911, it pinpoints her location. It will give designees (a family member, most likely) the ability to make changes to the phone remotely.

(You can disable that feature.) As soon as users press the button, it sends a typed text to designated contacts; among them can be a monitoring center or 911. She thinks that “it looks like a Blackberry with big buttons.” Four years ago, Miller’s mother, now 67, had a stroke that left her paralyzed on one side and with poor vision.

(MORE: 5 Reasons People Over 50 Should Love the Big i Phone) 3.

Snapfon ez TWO It’s billed as “the cellphone for seniors” and for many, it's their first mobile phone. There’s an extra SOS Emergency Alert option, as well as a 24/7 monitoring service.

All those commands are simple to read on one screen. The Jitterbug Touch3 requires a data plan that starts at .49/month.

Last September, when her old cellphone died, Amy Kruse’s mother-in-law was having some memory issues. “We were concerned she might get lost,” says Kruse.

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