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You know how easy it is to waste hours “traveling the world” via Google Maps Street View and Google Earth, right? It's not the most innovative of creepypastas, but I like the “cautionary tale” aspect of it; it hearkens back to folk tales and the sorts of urban legends we used to tell around campfires when we were kids. But be careful while you play armchair traveler — you might stumble upon something with which you're utterly unequipped to deal.It's not unusual for weird things to happen while you're taking or developing a photograph; indeed, we love these kinds of oddities, because they give us the illusion that we've captured something otherworldly, even when we know it's just a double exposure or whatever.And what happens if that creator throws too much of themselves into their work?

I've also avoided including any stories I've already written about in that “10 Scariest Internet Urban Legends” post that went up during the Halloween season. Some of them are good; some of them are…not so good; but none of them, I find, are quite as effective as the story actually titled “Lost Episodes.” Written by Christopher Howard "Slimebeast" Wolf, who is perhaps best known for “Abandoned by Disney,” it asks some questions about where all those lost episodes might have come from. ” What if one person — one single, solitary, person — was responsible for each and every one of them?

Science gone wrong and the consequences of playing God are both common themes in creepypasta (and, indeed, of literature itself — hi there, Frankenstein!

); it's what's made “The Russian Sleep Experiment” such a classic, although to be honest, I never found that one particularly frightening.

Or a photograph of a girl at the last moment before she fell prey to a series of auditory hallucinations that would plague her for the rest of her life.

What if someone decided to take all those images and turn them into a book?

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