Found my teacher on a dating site

My gf doesn't care so I will be the one making up a story. We are moving in together this month Currently dating someone I met on tinder.

I really like him but the fact that we met on tinder still really bothers me..sure how long it will last.

We exchanged insurance information, and then I worked up the nerve to call her back. For 12 years now, we have told everyone that we meet at a party through mutual friends.

She and I hit it off and started dating, which lead to living together, and eventually marriage in 2011.

To answer your question Aziz, we always tell people that we met through mutual friends. My boyfriend and I met on OKCupid, but he had apparently been telling people we met at a certain bar and didn't bring me up to speed, so when his dad asked me where we had met again, and I responded with the truth, he had some slightly embarrassing backtracking to do.

I'm a bus driver and a musician, and she cuts hair so it's going to be a small wedding (unless you all want to buy my EP and give me enough money to give her a proper wedding adamrostad.) but we're;dr: Met a girl on the internet, turned out to be a girl I had a fleeting moment with and wondered about for the better part of a year, we're getting married Met my girlfriend on Tinder.

I am embarrassed about it purely out of the stigma about that app.

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