Flex bindable variable not updating

Second I need it to default to what it should be for that employee, the target row.Cant get the thing to dafault to anything, let alone the variable from the db/xml. Not sure how to call a function after the creation completed.So, when I get to this column I make a combobox and populate it using the data from the table of divisions.Last thing to do is set the selected Index of that combobox to match the data from the employee table. It doesn't want to use the data from the xml because its not an integer. Reglardless if I hardcode ' selected Index = "3" ' it doesnt matter!The GDS plugin requires that you have a Flex SDK installed somewhere.By default it will use the one defined by the environment variable FLEX_HOME, this setting can be overriden in grails-app/conf/Build Config.groovy with the property (= "/home/work/flex_sdk_4_0").

I have tested this with numerous functions and variables.

The plugin uses the Flex OEM compiler to automatically compile and files present in the grails-app/views/flex folder.

The swf will be built in grails-app/views/swf and gdsflex contains a simple servlet that maps all incoming requests for *to this folder.

Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Really, since I am dense when it comes to Flex, Im gonna need a full demo that uses the xml (or arrays) as datasources, then generates a datagrid with the dynamic selected Index comboboxs.

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