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"I do a pic that says 'streaks' or take a picture of something that represents how I'm feeling right now." "If I add someone new, they'll be in my recents," De Maria added.

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"If you lose the streak you lose the friendship," Peter Santa Ana, an 18-year-old in Honolulu, joked.

"I think in some weird way it makes concrete a feeling of a friendship," Jules Spector, a 16-year-old from Brooklyn added.

"Like, you can talk to someone every day, but a streak is physical evidence that you talk every day." Having proof of long-term friendships with meaningful people can be validating for high schoolers who are acutely aware of social dynamics.

For many bored teens, keeping streaks alive is also just another form of entertainment.

De Maria said that if he can't do his streaks, he'll let other people log on and handle maintenance; he's happy to repay the favor.

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