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What I worry the most is the nature of this site-even if I find my Mr Big and live happily ever after, how am I not gonna be judged when people get to know the fact that we met, say, via a sugardaddy dating site?But then I'm really great and I deserve one successful great guy.....dilemma dilemma O, P. O, and MR LA lawyer above, do gimme a call if you like Azn hotties Hi Guys, Like you, I've been looking for a service to find a quality guy for a LTR. I to am completely fed up with the drama queens, gay bars, game players, and the sites like gay.com, findfred, and manhunt. I swear that at least 75% or so of the memberships are JUST looking for a good time (aka. And the other 25% just don't end up anywhere for whatever reason. That's why this new site EXECUTIVEGAYDATING service really caught my eye. Someone that I can't wait to hang out with and have fun with. Someone who will make me look forward to tomorrow while cherishing the day. My story is that I am closeted and would like to stay that way.Do not use this company if you haven't been sucked in by their "Executive" website.

The Website Promotion Directory is a True PR6 Premium Business Directory and Generates Tremendous Exposure for your Website, Backlinks and Online Business when you Submit Your Website to the Global Internet Community!I strongly recommend that you avoid this dating service as it is an absolute rip off. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has heard anything about Prestige Introductions (prestigegayintroductions.com) or any other sites?The basically take your money and do nothing for you. There just HAS to be someplace better than those cattle-call sites, Match and Chemistry.Please avoid this company - you will be absolutely throwing good money away for nothing. And if all else fails, anybody want a date with a successful 45-year-old lawyer in L. LOL I tried but it seems all I get are winks instead of any substantial emails. All the free features are limited to regular members.Altho $ has depreciated much against CNY I cant pay coz I dont have a credit card...

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