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The problem I have now shows in updating these loading bars. When running my code, different macros are executed. I have a macro that calls all other macros in sequence.I'd like to have some sort of prompt that gives the current spot the macro is in (i.e. Task 1 of 11 complete.") and have that update as each sub is called. The screen unfreezes apparently when VBA code copies a preformatted worksheet from the macro workbook into a new workbook, although other circumstances must trigger it as well.

Cursor = xl Default This solved my flicker problem, but I didn't like how the excel application disappeared completely then suddenly reappeared for the user.

Excel is versatile by itself and VBA makes it even better by allowing us to do our own thing.

Most of us use VBA to automate tasks of varying complexity – some macros are executed in a flash, but others take hours to run.

I created a User Form, added a frame, and a label inside that frame, and a couple of other labels that I could update with specifics later.

I load the userform at the start, and pass the % that has completed and what I want the labels to say to this Public Sub Progress Update(By Val d Calc As Double, By Val Process As String) With Prog Indi If .

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