Eudora fast search updating index

I thought I had explained this clearly, but I have already attempted to reindex; I gave it two days of continuous operation.

My guess is that the file is corrupted in some way so that it will not index.

When I attempt to search using fast index, it does not work.

I attempted reindexing; I left the function running for a full week, but it did not reindex. Downloading and installing the X1 clinet and modifying the ini file did not affect the performance of the X1 function integrated into the paid version of Eudora v.7.

Thanx Andy Okay Andy, most prrobably the problem with the eudora mail store files. If it not helps, move all files to some other location.Find and open the file in Notepad and remove some unwanted mails. Launch eudora and point it to the new storage location. Regards Jins I very much appreciate your patience with me. I have copied the mbx files into a new directory, but I cannot figure out how to point eudora to the new diredtory. In any event, your proposed solution would only fix the file. If the trick is a success we need to do the same with other mail boxes also. This will take me a day or two before I have time for this, but I will let you know.None of my mailboxes are searched with the integrated X1 software. You need to move the file from its default location. Copy back the old files by overwriting the newly created ones. By the way, even if this doesn't work, you have certainly earned your fee, and when this is over, I will add a tip as well. Some of Eudora's best features (the spam filter and fast search) are only available in the paid version. Over the years, the makers of Eudora have found efficient and elegant solutions to just about all email problems as they have surfaced.Eudora also has solutions for problems you probably do not have (like "Mood Watch," the amusing indicator of aggressive vocabulary), but for the most part, Eudora is a flexible, fast and easy to use an email program.

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