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AWQL is a SQL-like language for performing queries against most common Ad Words API services.

Any service with a query method is supported; queryable fields for each service are listed here.

There are many ways of interacting with any data that API gathers.

One way is to link your Google Analytics and Ad Words accounts and actually enrich data of your analytics with data coming from Ad Words.

You can build applications to more efficiently manage large or complex Ad Words accounts and campaigns.As a comparison you can see the difference between using XML and AWQL bellow: XMLAs we can see, the Google Ad Words API has a very expressive way of defining what data we want to get from it and various options to do that.If you feel more comfortable with SQL like languages you can use AWQL, or if you prefer XML you can use that for defining your reports.With Snowflake, is possible to load directly data in JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, or XML format.Hierarchical data is treated as a first class citizen, similar to what Google Big Query offers.

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