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At the halfway point of the show, Martin would adjourn to his 'music room', peeking into a doorway where an unscheduled guest would make a cameo..never knew who would be behind the door, and the surprise was a show highlight.

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His research taste and depth in a number of key areas, such as market design, make him a natural choice to lead the GSB.

They laud him for his commitment to research and teaching, his intellectual range, and, drawing a contrast with his predecessor, stress that he is a “unifier.” They uniformly say he is well-liked and admired by just about everyone and is a team player rather than a lone wolf.

HIS WORK CUT OUT FOR HIM Levin “has an extraordinary ability to get the input of very different groups of stakeholders,” says Timothy Bresnahan, a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

“As chair, he was universally respected by students, faculty, friends of Stanford and the university administration.

He’s a unifier who, having taken counsel with a lot of different folks, will draw on his own ability to see the right answer and bring people on board to it.” Levin succeeds scandal-plagued Garth Saloner, who announced his retirement last fall after news broke of his affair with a professor, Deborah Gruenfeld, who was married to another professor at the school.

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