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Upset, Donny hitchhikes all the way to the Hennessys in the back of a pig truck to win Bridget back; however, Bridget has still not broken up with her other boyfriend, Damien.Meanwhile, there are reports of eggings and toilet-paperings all over the neighborhood.But Bridget's eyes begin to stray when she meets Damien (Paul Wesley) – a sexy new boy at school.Meanwhile, as she waits for the results of her pregnancy test, Cate is stunned and angry when Paul, Bridget, Kerry and Rory seem more concerned about how the baby could disrupt their lives than the blessed event itself.Rory feels that now he's the man of the house it's his job to assume Paul's role of being against every guy his sisters date, not to mention the carver of the turkey which he does with clumsiness, inexperience and a lot of humor, which in the end helps the family to make it through the first of many milestones without Paul.Bridget plays the role of Anne Frank in the school play, which makes Kerry jealous since all she does is background work.8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter is an American television sitcom that originally aired on ABC from September 17, 2002 to April 15, 2005. Bruce Cameron's book of the same name, the show starred John Ritter during its first season.

It's an article about how no matter how much his kids may resent him from time to time, Paul knows that deep down, they love him, even when they say "I hate you;" this helps Bridget to finally overcome her guilt.Bridget buys a revealing dress for the dance, but just before she can leave the house wearing it breaks down in tears knowing that Paul would never have allowed her to and accepts she still needs to grieve.Kyle reassures Kerry that he meant his declaration of love, and she starts to allow herself to feel happy again.Cate tells him that his father wouldn't have wanted him to quit.The newspaper Paul worked at is sponsoring a scholarship dinner in his name for students majoring in journalism, and Bridget gets distracted while watching television, and accidentally wrecks a collage that Kerry had made of Paul for the dinner.

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