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Salazar may be raising lots of dough, but if Liniger does end up with the nomination, he'll need every penny of it.Remember, the state parties are severely limited in how much money they can give to candidates, since Mc Cain-Feingold.Someone named Bob Faust is going to mount a primary challenge in the 4th District to Marylin Musgrave. Musgrave is the moving force behind the proposed Constitutional amendment to prevent the courts from imposing gay marriage on the country.But Faust has a plan: Faust, vice president of Colorado Quality Consultants, also said he has identified four top issues for the campaign: health care for all Americans, a national college program, equal rights and redefining the rights of people between the ages of 18 and 20.Mr Sata proposed that the ECZ uses mere faxing system where results announced and tallied at polling stations are endorsed by all officials before transmission to the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.He said the PF is concerned that the results that will be transmitted will not be countersigned by election agents and monitors. Sata observed that the electronic system does not provide for correction of errors once the results hit the National tallying centre. Sata said his party is ready to wait for a few more days to collect faxed results of the original unadulterated results.

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In presidential election years, they invite the two major candidates to come speak, wax political, and crack jokes. This goes to show that having a majority isn't the same thing as having control - Republican Lew Entz from Hooper defected, claiming that his largely Hispanic district would have opposed to the bill.

They're planning colonies on the moon, sending men to mars, blanketing the world with the Internet, keeping you from getting lost.

They'll be figuring out how to keep missiles away and how to protect all this cool stuff we're building. Devotes 16 paragraphs of a 19-paragraph story to 12, count 'em, twelve "peace" protestors who are upset that we have nukes and Saddam didn't.

The third paragraph reads: The IRA has nothing whatsoever to do with this story. It isn't until six paragraphs later that we get an image with which to measure to potential damage these bombs could have caused. John Kerry decided that the President had gone too far in making fun of himself at a media dinner the other night, the Wall Street Journal decided to solicit the opinions of those who had actually served.

And it isn't until the very end of the story that there's any speculation at all about who the culprits might be. After all, Kerry's outrage was based on the idea that the President shouldn't make fun of WMDs since soldiers were dying every day for his lying to the American people. And then realize how patronizing it is to be outraged on behalf of people who aren't outraged at all.

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