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After graduation, he went on to work with one of his grandfather’s company, Enterprise Community Partners, in Japan as a consultant and can speak a little Japanese as a result of this.4.He saw his first performance when he was a child with his parents at the CCTA – Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts.His mother was an English Teacher before she passed away from a brain tumor.His mother’s father was James Rouse, an American urban planner, real estate developer, philanthropist, and civic activist.Not only that, he is also the president of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust American Branch.

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She does yoga and resistance training, whenever she can.Over the years, the actor has proven that one can be socially conscious while pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and Norton has certainly been applauded for his efforts.Edward Harrison Norton was born on the 18 of August, 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts to Edward Mower Norton and Lydia Robin Norton.Though he is known for his work in hit movies and his work in cinema, Edward is also a social activist and an environmental activist.He is on Enterprise Community Partners’ board of trustees; the organization is a non-profit one which was founded by his grandfather – James Rouse – to develop affordable housing.

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