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Charges for violating Republic Act 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 will be filed against Sun and his live-in partner.Garrido said the CIDG raided the American's shop after a week-long surveillance.Dating sites easy get complaints from frustrated users who lost their partner, got cheated, stalked etc, but it does not need explanation that dating sites and other social meeting places cannot be held responsibe for personal experiences of visitors.Datingsites put a whole lot of effort in detecting and eliminating spammers, scammers and cheaters of all kind, to create a safe and fun environment for their users.The official said the police will turn over the rescued girls to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Most of the ones you find on my Youtube channel are from DIA. More likely you're just here to try to pimp the site. how nice to hear you found back your lost laugh I'm truly happy for you !

Obviously these posts are written by one and the same person named 'jannelnalipay' who does not feel the need to include any hard facts in his agressive, incoherent arguments but just ventilating his bitter frustrations and showcasing his mental capacities Dateinasia is not a dating agency nor intermediate but nothing more and nothing less then an online meetingplace for users of all kind.

Me myself I'm one of the growing number of enthousiastic users, during the past years I met some interesting new friends on there of which some of them found a partner-for-life via Dateinasia !

Yes there are a FEW that ask for money early on or even almost immediately, or are cam girls; but for the majority this scammer claim is FALSE.

I've regularly used the site for the last 6 months, sending messages to several hundred women (mostly from the Philippines) and in addition to my efforts over 100 women have put me on their "interested" list.

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