East asian american women prejudice interracial relations dating

Then there are Asian girls and Caucasian guys who are sincerely in love with each other.The well-traveled, well-educated Gen-Y individuals appear to be more receptive towards stepping into this kind of relationship.Mutual respect goes beyond simply acknowledging each other’s traditions; it’s also about cultural tolerance.Like he taking his shoes off in her house and she going out to barbeques under the sun with him.Studies on Tinder show that people aren’t, for the most part, racist, but rather, classist.

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For such a relationship – and any other inter-racial relationship – to last the test of time, mutual respect for each other’s cultures is a natural necessity.Definitely a viable proposition as to why some Asian women don’t mind being an “accessory” hanging off their white husband’s arms.And how do some Caucasian men come to fetishise over Asian women and vice-versa?Anyway, Great article by the New York Times about the state of relationships today.I don’t know that I have any answers, just the observation that, no matter whether you marry up or down, you’re just taking on a different set of complications in your life. Well maybe I can only speak for myself here but I prefer to date men in my INTELLECTUAL class.

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