Dont bother telling me who my ex is dating

What starts off as a fun round of twenty questions can turn into an icy chill in no time if you aren’t careful.

Finding out more about past relationships is never a good thing, but like all inquisitive fools, we go looking for dirt in our lover’s past.

You may have had previous partners, one night stands or even sex buddies.

Or you may even have participated in activities that are way past your lover’s moral barrier, so watch what you say.

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The do’s and don’ts of confessions First of all, you have to understand that all of us have a past.If your new lover has popped the past relationships question to you, and you find no way of avoiding it with a smile or a wink, perhaps you should learn how to talk about past relationships and make sure you don’t find yourself in sticky ground by giving the wrong answers.How to talk about past relationships The next time you come face to face with a question about your past relationships and the number of notches on your bed, keep these pointers in mind.Save your secrets As much as you want to reveal all and hold no secrets in your romance, you should understand that some things are better left untold.A conversation about past relationships can be compared to walking into a haunted house.

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