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Most agreed divorce services in Washington State charge between 0 and 0 including the 0 court filing fee.Our firm recommends an agreed divorce service named Peaceful Separations, which charges closer to 0 including the court filing fee.A self-help website named Nolo performed a survey indicating the national average for a contested divorce is around ,500 per party, largely in attorney fees.A similar Nolo survey for Washingtonians put the average around ,400.We recommend Peaceful Separations because they seem to do the job right, whereas many other agreed divorce services botch the paperwork in our experience.We have no affiliation with Peaceful Separations; this is our unbiased opinion.As you probably gathered, contested divorces can be expensive—very expensive.The cost is also difficult to predict, because it depends on how hard each party fights.

If you want to predict the cost of representation in your case, you might begin by comparing your attorney’s hourly rate to the national average, which is around 0 for a divorce lawyer.

This is because an agreed petition (petition and joinder) delineates the terms of the settlement, such who receives what assets, who pays what debts, and the amount of alimony.

If the divorcing parties meet this criterion, they are in luck (in a sense)—an uncontested divorce is much less expensive than the contested variety.

Q1.) Hello Shari: I am having difficulties with my best friend and would love some advice on the situation.

Best friends for about 15 years now and although we have had are small tiffs here and there, this more recent issue seems to be putting a bigger wedge between us.

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