Distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol ieee

It is worth mentioning that the presence of just a few number of selfish nodes could severely degrade the MANET performance [In this paper, we aim to enhance the overall performance of MANETs in the presence of selfish nodes by designing an efficient and dynamic reputation-based algorithm to be used in any ad hoc routing protocol.We would like to highlight the fact that our reputation-based algorithm can be applied over any routing protocol for ad hoc networks that stablishes end-to-end forwarding paths.

Due to the nature of their operation without infrastructure, the functionality of ad hoc networks heavily depends on the collaboration among nodes.

A Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is a group of self-organized wireless mobile nodes (MNs) able to communicate with each other without the need of any fixed network infrastructure nor centralized administrative support.

Furthermore, the transmission range in such mobile devices is limited; thus, a packet is forwarded in a multihop path relying on the nodes in the routing path.

However, selfish nodes aim to save battery by not forwarding others’ packets.

Thus, avoiding selfish nodes which do not aim to collaborate lead to ensure a proper network performance.

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