Dish network dvr guide not updating

One of the distinguishing features of the 922 is that is it "Sling-loaded", meaning that it is accessible over the web and over some mobile equipment apps.

Therefore, it makes great sense to set-up as great an ethernet connection near the 922 installation location as possible.

Once the technician arrives, he/she will be asking several questions of you, and you need to be ready with some steady and ready answers.

This User Guide will seek to "fill you in" in the ins and outs of 922 installation.

Although in many homes, this is not a problem, there can be an issue with operating TV2 remote from the places in your home you intend to use it.

Write up a list of locations and positions to test the full operation from the TV2 remote - and make sure you will go through the whole list with the installing technician "in-tow", so they can see where there is a problem.

Recommend that you set a name first, and then you can select channels that apply to the category or person for which you name the list.

There are 4 custom channel lists that can be constructed for a user - accessible on both TV1 and TV2 outputs, regardless of whether in Duo or Single/PIP mode.

To construct a list, one would press "Guide" button repeatedly until the "Edit Lists" selection is highlighted. Arrow down, then arrow to the right until reaching the list you want to customize.

This Guide is made by and for users of the 922, and for those considering obtaining a 922 from Dish Network.

Dish Network Dish Network Login Dish Perks Dish Free Previews Dish Online Dish Online Login Dish Remote Access Dish Support for 922 DBS Talk 922 Forum Satellite Guys 922 Forum Wikipedia - Dish Network Dish Network 922 Troubleshooting Guide Welcome to the Online User Guide for the Dish VIP 922.

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