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I think trends are one thing, but there are certain things that are stylish and never go out, and that's the kind of way that I look. DR: I'm so glad high-waisted pants are starting to come in. The other day I wore like a black wife-beater, black high-waisted shorts, black tights under them, black boots, and in the belt I wore this hot pink color, with all different color wide stripes on a tribal buckle. But there's something about using color to your advantage.

I'm wearing my brother's old pants, and I hiked them up and I was so into them that I went out and bought these high-waisted exposed zipper black skinny jeans and cigarette jeans. I've been doing it and fuchsia, and I've been doing hot pink as well, for a while.

13 episodes were originally ordered for the first season, but while the show's first season was in production, Disney Channel ordered an additional seven episodes, bringing the total number of episodes for the first season to 20. My policy is: We can play hard, as long as we work hard, and because we work hard, we need to play hard." Season 3 premiered on October 5, 2013.

When asked about the atmosphere on set during an interview with MSN TV, Ryan described her relationship with the young cast: "I definitely feel like a nanny! On April 16, 2014, it was announced that Jessie would get engaged in a four-episode arc that would conclude the season in the fall, marking the first time a Disney Channel lead character has gotten engaged.

I have an amazing husband and son (Clayton III does a little writing for the site too)!!

Actor who had his breakout role as Tony Chiccolini on the Disney Channel series Jessie.

She accepts a job as a nanny and moves into a multimillion-dollar penthouse on the Upper West Side with the wealthy Ross family which includes jet-setting parents Morgan and Christina Ross and their four rambunctious children: Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri, along with the family pet, Mr.

Kipling, a seven-foot Asian water monitor lizard, that was later revealed to be a female.

After casting was finalized and changes were made to several of the characters to suit the actors chosen, the series skipped the pilot phase and was put directly into production.

He acted alongside Debby Ryan on the Disney series Jessie.

Jessie is an American comedy television series created by Pamela Eells O'Connell that aired on Disney Channel from September 30, 2011 to October 16, 2015.

People actually already tell me, "Oh I totally watch your stuff in my dorm room." I'm like, "I'm sorry your dorm room at college? DR: I actually had a hand in designing each of the styles for the kids and Jessie, as well as hiring the wardrobe lady. DR: I borrow a lot of Jessie's clothes for my wardrobe. And there's a beautiful purple Jess Dress that she pairs with a black blazer, black tights, and black boots. She's trying to learn who she is, and she's working as a nanny juggling four children. DR: I've looked around a lot as far as what my style is.

" Even moms tell me, "My kids aren't home sometimes and I find myself watching! I went to a few different, amazing stylists and with the one we ended up with, we kind of created this iconic image for Jessie, which is Tex in the City. Jessie's not afraid of army green [pieces], but she also can get a smart New York jacket and bundle it over combat boots with a crazy stiletto. My friends are like, "Where did you get those shoes? Literally, one's on her hip, another's like under her arm, and she makes meals for them. I'm very into Chanel, and I'm also very into the Gap—things that are classic and never go out of style. DR: There are things that are so figure-flattering and so bright, and that's why I'm into the bright lips. And then I did fuschia lips and a high-bun and everyone was like this looks amazing.

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