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Similarly, many may find themselves friends with an ex-spouse on social media.

Whether it is because of the amicable nature, in which the relationship ended or out of necessity to have that vehicle as a means of communication, you may find yourself peering into her new life.

But you’re determined to move forward because if you’ve learned one thing in the past year it’s that life is finite and you don’t want to waste another second of it wallowing in an unhealthy relationship that three children are viewing from front row seats. Yes, he knows all the buttons to push to flood you with rage but he also knows that you would far prefer wildflowers to roses and Doritos to chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Should you continue to share because, again, this is something a lot of people can relate to and you’ve had such a positive experience with readers thus far in your journey?

Or is it time to put up a wall until you are less confused and have a better handle on what’s been happening over these past few weeks?

Like Oath, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.The observation of an ex-spouse can trigger that emotion and can send you down a rabbit hole of looking back on your relationship, questioning your decision to divorce, or even, affecting your mental health.A study published in the Computers in Human Behavior journal found that social media use can trigger feelings of envy that were found to predict depression symptoms.Sometimes, their sense of being in the loser category is not as complicated as that.Sometimes, it is just that your ex-spouse has taken control of your friend group, leaving you scrambling for a support group during this emotionally strenuous time.

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