David wygant secrets of online dating

In this episode I talk to David about his new journey and it was a fascinating discussion.

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That means dressing how YOU want (not like a clown)…

Well, I’ll tell you what’s changed…The Wannabe Gurus See Dollar Signs… You see, the sudden boom in the demand for dating advice has proven to be a very profitable enterprise.

But now, you could literally throw a rock and hit someone who wants to sell you the latest and greatest “attract beautiful women” product.

I’ll show you how to tap into your own unique personal image and style – and then how to showcase it for maximum impact (this is what women really want you to do – not wear a bunch of “flashy” or expensive clothes that make you uncomfortable. to dates – quick, easy, fun, sexually-charged dates – no matter what your dating history or budget…

And, best of all, this is what they’re most attracted to on a gut level)… What women really want in the bedroom – including how they want you to lead them into the bedroom (because women LOVE to be seduced!

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