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Crushes come and go, but you will always have you, so take care of yourself inside and out. Now it’s my daughter’s turn to experience the thrill of a first date, the dizzying flush of love, and the heartache of breaking up.I’m excited for her — and if I’m honest, a little jealous too — because there’s nothing quite like a teenage romance.The same goes for breaking up: Don’t put it off because you feel guilty or don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.The kindest thing is to be honest as soon as possible.

We sighed longingly into the phone receiver for hours each night. My oldest daughter is now 14 and on the brink of her own dating life.

I wanted it to go on forever, but Richie soon broke up with me for Theresa. Compared to mine, her dating landscape seems so much more intense.

I was devastated and wondered if I’d done something wrong. The teenage heart is often at the mercy of the teenage libido. First of all, it’s not called “dating.” Instead, two people might be “talking,” which isn’t talking at all but simply ongoing digital contact beyond “just friends” and before “hooking up” — which can mean absolutely anything from kissing to sex.

Stay true to what’s important to you, whether that’s your values, friendships, or beliefs.

Be open about how you feel about sex, boundaries, parties, drugs, and anything else that comes up between you and whoever you’re with.

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