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The technical term for the fetish of redheads is Rutiluphilia.

From this derives the name given to people with a ginger fetish, ‘Rutiluphile’.

But the phenomenon of the redhead fetish is not a new one.

Although we know what they were getting at, it’s pretty awkward that they released the numbers on St. I know what people who disagree with me will say: stereotypes exist for a reason. And usually, they exist because the people who believe them have limited mental facilities.I’m pretty sure women with red hair aren’t naturally more sexual.It’s more likely that red-haired women are accustomed to being thought of sexually, and are therefore more able to relax in the bedroom. Fisher pointed out in our conversation last month, red-haired women might get more attention in bed because red hair is rare and prized (hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game).{"rebuild Store On Client":true,"resource Responses":[,{"name":"Unauth Pin Feed Resource","options":,"response":{"status":"success","bookmark":"Y2JVSG81Uk Zvd1Jr Tl JWVVp DVVcx S1VWTn Vi SEpp Yms1S1VWVkd Tb EZWUmt KUl Zs Wk NXak JHUmx GVl Jr Sl FXSGQ0VG1wbk1FMUh WVFJOVj Fab1d Yc EJl RTFVVG0x T1JFSn RXWHBTYl Ux Nll6Uk5SMVY1VFdwc2JFOUVSVFZh Ukd Scl RWUmth VTV0V1RCT2Ft Un NXWHBy Tk Zw VVozb E5WRTAx VDBSb2FFMVVTVEZPTWxr MVpr VTFSb Fl6ZHow PXx Zakk0ZUda RVNtb E5SMVpw VGxk S2FFNVh Tb TFh Vk ZKd FQx Un JOVTl FU1hw UFZGRTFUVWRSZUU1SFNt MU5WRVY1V2x SQm Vr OUh Sb Wh OZWt Kc Vdr Ukdh Vn BVVVRSUFJHUn JUb XBCZWsxc VJUQlp Naz Ax VGp KT2JVMXRWamh VYTFa WVpr RTl QUT09f DA5ZTVh ZWI5NWM2Yzc4NDdm OGZm OTJl YTBl Nm Yx YTFk OWM4Nz Y5Nz Ix ZDZm MGQw MWJh OTA0YWE5Nz Rl ZTVl Yz J8Tk VXf A==","message":"ok","code":0,"data":[,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{"domain":"","tracking_params":"Cw ABAAAAEDA0OTg0ODA5OTE0Nzc2ODg A","image_signature":"5b759bf45c0b6c4b236cf7fa5d5f764d","images":,"id":"186477240791242070","description_html":"Mad Men's Fashion for Females - Get more Entertainment News on","title":"","comment_count":0,"board":,"type":"pin","story_pin_data_id":null,"attribution":null,"description":"Mad Men's Fashion for Females - Get more Entertainment News on","shopping_flags":[],"video_status_message":null,"rich_metadata":{"amp_valid":false,"site_name":"ELLE","description":"Check out's gallery of the fashion of the women of the television hit series Mad Men.Get your fashion fill at, like this gallery of the women of the television series Mad Men.","link_status":0,"title":"How to Dress Like the Women of Mad Men","locale":"en","type":"richpindataview","amp_url":"","url":"

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