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I promise to be back online within a week to 10 days. [Read More] Tracked on Nov 18, 2005 PM » Head First Learning Theory from I stumbled upon Kathy Sierras blog, Creating Passionate Users, a couple of months ago, and I was hooked. The parrot squawks out, "Bring me a martini NOW, you insolent sow! " Five minutes later, the parrot screams out "I need another martini NOW, you cross-eyed lame excuse for a woman!

However, any attempts at "cheering up" would be much appreciated! She discusses management, marketing, and technology, but her biggest contribution is learning theory. [Read More] Tracked on Nov 18, 2005 PM » Link of the Day: Creating Passionate Users from A Shareware Life Today's new blogroll link is to Creating Passionate Users. Unfortunately, for the last week the blogger behind the site, Kathy, has been sick and she hasn't been posting. " So the flight attendant brings the parrot a martini and the guy says, "Uh ... " The flight attendant comes back with another martini and the guy says, "Uh ... " Five minutes later, the parrot screams out "The service stinks to high heaven here -- bring me another martini now or I'll have you fired! " With that, the flight attendant grabs the guy *and* the parrot and throws them *both* off of the plane.

Posted by Kathy on November 14, 2005 | Permalink Track Back URL for this entry:https:// Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Chicken soup posts: » Kathy Sierra está enfermita from Bruno Unna No sería una mala idea darle unas palabras de consuelo, dado todo lo que ella nos ha dado a nosotros. Como no sé si ella sabe español, va de nuevo: Kathy: I hope you get recovered very soon. [Read More] Tracked on Nov 15, 2005 AM » Create Passionate Users : un blog de référence from Shoob Corporate Blogging (FR) Plusieurs fois mentionné sur Shoob, je vous invite une fois encore à découvrir le blog didactique Create Passionate Users de Kathy Sierra. After you gave us the Guinness ad I'm not sure what I can give back by way of return, but there is always Katrina The Gathering - a parody of Magic The Gathering (the granddaddy of collectible card games):- Posted by: Neil Kirby | Nov 15, 2005 AM This is from one of your RSS readers (I didn't intend that as a pun, but I kind of like it! Worse still, they had to call in a technician to fix the machine while she waited there, stuck, and undressed from the waist up. When he walked in the door his face brightened and he said, "Hi, Mrs. " It was one of her former students from elementary school. such a stupid lake, and such a stupid monster!!!!!! With technical books, I always thought the boring the better. ; I'm thinking he should be bringing home cute little pajamas for you, clearly flowers at some point, some Burt's Bees lip balm if you're blowing your nose a lot...a maple-flavored donut...something.

Presque toutes ses notes sont des petites histoires pertinament illustrées. [Read More] Tracked on Nov 18, 2005 AM » Kathy Sierra, Get Well Soon from Kas Log Kathy Sierra needs some passionate words, to bring her back to health. Needless to say, she wasn't thrilled to see him under those circumstances. I'm sure he's just busy creating passionate other stuff and he'll be all over this when he's done with that. also known as Trogdor: Strongbad as a Japanese cartoon: you feel better soon, alicia Posted by: alicia | Nov 17, 2005 PM The comments to this entry are closed.

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