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If he does not have one or two close friends, this is a huge red flag.

It is clear whether a man thinks foreplay is a golf game or a steamy gift from God. This is a man who is not impulsive; he thinks and feels equally.You include him in every part of your life, yet he rarely, if ever invites you into any facet of his life.These are signs he is unwilling to share his life with you and is a If he can not make a plan or commit to an event a week away, or even a month away, he will not commit to a lifetime with you.There are still men who think yanking their pants to their ankles, giving a quick lick to each nipple, a grab of the crotch and a swift sword fight with the sweet vagina is mind-blowing. He will make a lover for a lifetime because it isn’t about his penis, it’s about you.Oh, and if he can’t talk about sex and his fantasies with ease, or he giggles like a 12-year-old when he says “vagina” or “penis,” he has no clue how to make love.

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