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This precision, along with the elegant yet bold design of OMEGA watches, makes buying an OMEGA an excellent choice for wearers with a daring edge.

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Zenith and Omega used to work the same way but sadly, not anymore.

When was the movement made, what case should it be in, model details, where was the watch invoiced, etc.

For Doxa, the first two digits of the case serial number mark the year (only for watches made between 19).

Sometimes, resources aren’t available or they don’t answer your questions.

Sometimes a patent number on the watch helps a lot. But the year of patenting a particular technical solution only tells you the earliest possible date a watch was made.

It’s more useful when you’re trying to determine the manufacturer of a watch.

You can check if the case, movement, and dial are a match if you have a reference number. Obviously, not all of their watches are listed in there but unfortunately, that’s as good as it gets.

Some brands, like Bulova, used simple means of marking the date of manufacture.

Bulova used a letter to mark the decade, a number from 0 to 9 to mark the year in the decade.

In case of many serial number resources for a brand, check the serial with all of them.

The documentation of some brands is good enough to come up with a rough date of manufacture.

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