Dating widower with children how does potassium argon dating work

I say all this to say please don't waste your years on someone who has so much going on in their life (emotionally because.He ca n't love you until he first deals with his children's problems with helping them get through all of this.Dealing with his mood swings, the depression, the PTSD all of it is a lot to take on he makes me cry frequently.

I'm mainly kicking myself because I knew in my heart that nine months was not enough time.

Also he still has all her stuff over the house over a year after she died.

At least he has no pictures in the bedroom but the entire house is as if she still lives there. I don't want him to just get rid of everything and I do respect the fact that he was a loving faithful husband.

I would date a widower with kids as long as they were young I think. Its almost as if she is his wife and I'm the secret mistress..relationship has caused me a lot of stressed its only by God's grace that I've been able to make straight A's in college and deal with all of this too.

The widower has his own business and he has three kids...he's always saying how much he has on his plate...

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