Dating styles in 1818

It was now worn at a lower placement with a narrower width.

Dresses worn over this new frame were sturdier, being constructed in heavier fabrics such as velvet, satin and wool.

Women working hard in fields and those scrubbing floors So began the era of the skirt and it was to be 30 years before skirts were worn unhindered by support structures.

The round hoop of 1860 evolved into an oval hoop by 1864.

In the 1860s, the bodice waist became In the early 1870s the shoulders were allowed to return to the position nature intended. This reached to the hips in all its molded, whale-boned glory.

dating styles in 1818-44

Trimmings of tucks and pleats were used to By 1855, the cage crinoline or hoop had swayed on to the scene and skirts expanded to their maximum size.

As the skirt developed, the back emphasis saw the creation of the first bustle, which had appeared by 1868.

The big, soft, high and very draped bustle skirt enjoyed its popularity for 8 years.

Sleeves lost their fullness and became fitted; shoulders were extended below their natural line and skirt hems lowered to the floor.

Generally necklines were worn high during the day and wide in the evening.

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