Dating someone you met at a club

Before We Get Started: Quality Interactions Get Quality Numbers I talk to tons of guys who go out for the night and spend the evening trying to get as many numbers as they can. As with most valuable things in life, quality trumps quantity.You’re better off getting fewer phone numbers from women you’re having high-quality interactions with than playing the numbers game. So before we jump in, let’s keep this in mind: At the end of a night out, you’d rather go home with one exciting phone number than a phone filled with numbers you’d never go on dates with.Something as simple as “You seem pretty cool, give me your number so we can get together some time” works perfectly. Hand her your phone so that all she has to do is enter her phone number into it. Make it as easy as possible for her to provide you with her number — no unnecessary work, and no dictation. While she’s entering your phone number, tell her some things you could do together.“I know a great spot for hiking not many people know about,” or “Seriously, I live right next door to the best cocktail bar in the city.” Call back to your common interests, so she’s already excited about seeing you again. Ask your friends how to text girls you just met, they’ll probably tell you to wait.A playful emoji two hours after you met can do more than a deliberately-crafted text two days later.Make it something light and playful, but also flirtatious — like “Hey, it’s AJ, the guy with the unbelievably sexy eyes :-D” Now you’ve broken the ice and she has your phone number.

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Do you see how this is different from how most guys ask girls for their phone numbers? Now the question becomes: When do you text her again?Whereas in the past guys were afraid of calling too soon, these days it’s more common to wait too long.In fact, in our exclusive infographic on texting and dating (/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Artof Charm_Texting_Infographic_v1r8.jpg), we found that one in four women don’t like when potential dates wait too long to text them.So the morning after is probably a good time to make it happen.Wait until what seems like a reasonable hour, then shoot her a text.

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