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“” ~ Anais Nin As a result of the aforementioned post, I was contacted by a reader who has since become my friend and fellow empath on the road to understanding the human condition. Her life, day in and day out, is lived with the mindset of being in service to her Sir, who happens to be her long-time partner and a man for whom she has the utmost in love and respect.

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While this is not a subject that all will agree upon, it is our prerogative as women to live our lives as freely and of our own choice as possible. In return the Dominant party protects, provides and enjoys the submissive in any way they see fit.

The owner adores and delights in everything about the dog, gives commands and is pleased when the dog quickly and obediently complies.

And the dog eagerly and with tail-wagging obeys and feels great fulfillment and satisfaction from seeing that their owner is pleased. In hindsight I’ve had submissive sexual fantasies my entire life.

I was intrigued and thrilled to meet someone who has so fully explored her soul’s needs and has made adjustments to live accordingly. It is easier to bow to the demands of society and other people’s opinions than to live according to what truly moves us.

It has been my honor to interview a woman who has taught me much about releasing expectations of oneself that do not match our soul’s purpose. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot.” A.

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