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I personally was 12 days overdue and would have welcomed inducing, I was that impatient to see my baby!

However, with this one, now I know what to expect, I will just hang on till s/he wants to meet us all. you could try calling the clinics you had the scans at and see if someone there (probably a consultant, not the everyday sonographer) could explain how they might account for the discrepancy, given the differnt machines and dates of your scans.

My dd was 40 weeks 13 days and I'd booked myself in for an induction the day she was born (labour started spontaneously but I ended up having an emergency c-section) because I wanted to take control and knew the risks of continuing too far over dates (placenta can start to pack up). NQWWW - do the hospital want to change your 'due date' to comply with your dating scan?

They can scan the baby every day to see that it is all right if you / they have concerns and you all wait til nature takes its course.

As the appointment I was given by my hospital for my dating/nuchal scan was quite late (at 13 weeks and 1 day), I booked a private one for 12 weeks.

As it happens, the private one was delayed, so in the end there were only 5 days between the scans.

Throughout my pregnancy, I tried to convince them to put my due date at the LMP one, but no - the policy was that if there was more than 7 days difference, they went by the scan.

(Which, incidently, means that you should be ok at only 5 days difference, NQWWW.) As I was having a homebirth, I was absolutely adamant that there was no way they were going to induce me until I was at least 2 weeks over my dates.

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