Dating racoon carcass

Her shirt was ripped open and there were jagged claw marks across her back and shoulders.This was the latest of a string of attacks from the mountain lion that had escaped the a month ago.Scott claims in the podcast that Herb suffered from a mental condition that made the criminal sexually attracted to a doll.

Considering his odd ways, Herb always had trouble fitting in.

By learning the ins-and-outs of the business he was currently employed in, Herb decided to take the plunge and start his own business. From a profitable store that provided affordable items, Herb and Juliana soon expanded by opening another branch.

Who would have known that Herb would have earned a lot from this venture? It was also the location where Herb acted out on his carnal desires.

Not being specific on the murder details (listen for it on the podcast – please!

), Scott did mention something disturbing found in this pool house.

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