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However, there's a serious problem with Islamophoby, which sometimes is mixed with racism. At the end of the day, what matters most is the connection between him and I.

That's why actually it's probably worse to be MENA/South Asian looking in Poland, than directly African/black. Our biggest "issue" is religion (he is catholic and I am atheist) so if were ever to end it, I don't think it would be because of race.

A Polish girl covering her hair in public because of her partner might attract verbal abuse Theres no such things as polish families in America unless were talking about 1st generation immigrants.It's more due to the fact that people with ginger hair are actually scientifically proven to be more prone to mischief than others, here's a lecture of Dr Peterson talking about this topic more in-depth:https://v=o Hg5SJYRHA0What you're saying is all nonsense.More pertinently for you, there are black Poland born Poles who speak Polish, have one Polish parent but who aren't accepted as Polish at all due to a parent being from elsewhere.I know one girl who suffers discrimination for exactly this reason, and gets told often to go back to where she came from. Point being, with this as the relevant background, yes, interracial dating is a huge taboo in Poland.

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