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Sadarghat is one of the largest river ports in the world and it's a constant stream of activity.Marvel at day-to-day life on the banks of the Buriganga River, or take one of the small boats to the center of the river to enjoy a few moments of peace and calm.Metered taxis are difficult to hail on the street so it's best to book from your hotel.You'll be marked as a foreign tourist in the back of a taxi so auto-rickshaw is often a better choice if you don't want to attract beggars and street vendors.

Initially built way back in the 12th century, most of the current complex dates back to the era of the British East India Company.

It is a modern city of third world with cement-break buildings, in traditional fashion with rapid growing decline.

Once ago places of Dhaka was valuable in the south Asia.

It's also not a working mosque anymore, but it is protected by the Bangladeshi State, keeping this Islamic jewel in pristine condition.

Located a few kilometers southeast of the downtown area in Armanitola, the Star Mosque is definitely worth an excursion.

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