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Because there have been so many measures stolen to make into counterfeit money, publicans will not buy them.

We have been informed by makers of pewter measures that that part of their trade is now done away with. The communion flagon at the right-hand corner is English, dated 1639, from Fosdyke Church, Lincolnshire. Then a tankard, with lid, 5j inches high ; cost 32s. Close to the tankard is a bleeding cup of the 17th century, lent by Colonel G.

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It is a pewter cup made of base money taken by the London and ~i No. This is a paper that includes a great number of questions relating to antiquities. Note.— A very elaborate and interesting Illustrated Catalogue of the Antiquities in the Guildhall Museum, has just been issued by the Library Committee.

The rage for real Old Pewter is likely to last for a long time with a certain class of people, both here and in America, because Old Pewter can never be reproduced with its original old-fashioned appearance.

There are, however, thousands of reproductions made on the Continent of Europe, which will be more difficult to distinguish as time goes on.

For the kind assistance rendered in the collection of the matter and illustrations here produced the Author gladly acknowledges his 6 Preface.

obligation to the following persons, to all of whom he desires to tender his grateful thanks : - Mr.

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