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The subs have plenty of punch but also have plenty of low end to carry the whole sound to balance it out, to give you a good even tone all the way across.""I am more than pleased with the output and definition of the Bose system.

It has SPL and long-throw capabilities that are sure and precise, but it does not have distortion in the high frequencies, even at a distance.

I’m first to hear about it if the main PA has sound coming off the back. The cardioid sub preset for Show Match works better than many other systems.""The Show Match system is very smooth with good even coverage. That's important for world-class jazz with instruments like acoustic piano, upright bass, and brass sections.

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I look forward to working with Bose Show Match systems at other venues in the future.""The Show Match system performed really well for us with rock, pop and funk acts like Sophistafunk, Madaila and Swift Technique. And it’s been useful to be able to minimize side-wall reflections by keeping the sound of the live show away from the building walls in this narrow venue."“I walked in ready for 45 minutes of fighting with a PA system, and instead this one sounded fantastic from the moment it was turned on. Ever since I’ve been telling my friends if they ever get the chance they have to listen to Show Match." "Considering its SPL capabilities, Show Match sounds more like a double-10" line array rather than a double-8", almost like a fully capable outdoor system and it sounds very good, with the mid-low frequency section particularly well refined.""I had a great time mixing on the Show Match system.

I enjoyed mixing the band on it a lot.""The most difficult thing about mixing an extreme heavy-metal band is to make sure each instrument in the mix is defined and understood at the same volume level, especially when working on such a large stage.

This is the first time I've operated a Bose line array.

I was impressed.""I was really impressed with Show Match.

The system reacted well to being driven hard – it didn’t get harsh, and I was impressed with it overall.

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